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DJ Rick Tozer has pack in a lot of experience as a DJ. He has worked in various clubs around London and ran his own monthly club night “This Is Not a Rave” in east London along with 4 mates when the Shoreditch scene began. And there is a lot more.

Rick spoke to Slice Audio about his life in music.


If you were to use one sentence of phrase to describe your show what would it be?
An eclectic selection of electronica panning the last 30 years, from House to Techno, Breaks to Drum and Bass and everything in between

How did you get involved in music?
I grew up with the radio on in the background and got into breakdance music an early age after watching movies. When I got myself a record deck, I tried scratching my parent’s old vinyl.

Then I sarted buying my own vinyl at the dawn of the rave scene and bought a mixer and direct drive decks from Tandy at age of 14. When I was 16 I started going to raves and DJing at parties.

Eventually at Uni I launched my own nights where I DJed at and promoted two nights a week as well as putting on special events and bringing in big name DJs of the time.

In London I worked various clubs and ran a monthly club night along with 4 mates in east London when the Shoreditch scene began. The club was called This Is Not a Rave. Also on London I held a seven year residency at a bar and club in Covent Garden called Revenge Is Sweet.

How did you get involved in broadcasting?
Was asked to come and play on Slice Audio by a friend, Tony.

What is your favourite music?
It’s hard to say. I have an eclectic taste. It’s not all just dance music and electronica. I go to lots of rock gigs with my partner. But dance music is where my heart lies. It’s hard to pick a genre there.

What are your favourite 3 albums?
Prodigy – Jilted Generation,

Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman,

Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

Your best concert – live event experience?
Too many to say. But Muse at Wembley has to be up there. Same for Foo Fighters at the same venue. And there have been some outstanding moments at Glastonbury

What two things should listeners know about you?
I like to remain mysterious!

How do you go about making your programme?
That’s all a secret

Where do you find the music you play?
I source from big library of files and vinyl built up over the years. I bought a lot of vinyl up until mid-noughties then moved to digital. I would visit the Soho independents. Now it’s online stores like Beatport.

I also follow my favourite artists on social media to look out for their releases and recommendations. And I’m very lucky to have been sent promo releases weekly since I was at Uni

Away from your show, what else do you do that you enjoy?
Eating, playing with my 4 year old boy and exploring my home city of London, then doing quite a bit of clubbing. Need to give that up at some point. No time soon though


Let’s talk about your show:

Which three or four music genres best describe the music you play?
Electronica, Electronic, Dance Music

What sort of mix is there (if any) of new, contemporary and old? How would you describe it?
An eclectic selection of electronica panning the last 30 years

There is more about the show here and where you can listen.

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