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Michael “Hendi” Henderson is a Northern Irish broadcaster, best known for his voiceover work on UTV and a weekly radio programme on Belfast-based radio station U105.

Henderson began his broadcasting career in the mid-1960s, working for the BBC Northern Ireland Home Service on various programmes, mainly as a presenter on a programme called Soundings. He became a well-known figure on the local club and disco scene, as well as a guest presenter for many BBC Radio 1 roadshows in Northern Ireland. In 1968, he made his television debut, starring in an Ulster Television music series called Zoom In, produced by Gordon Burns (later presenter of The Krypton Factor) and Tony Eames.

In 1976, Henderson was hired as a presenter for the fledgling Downtown Radio under the nickname of “Hendi”. He remained at Downtown until 1985 and in subsequent years, has also worked as a radio producer and stand-in presenter on BBC Radio Ulster.

In 1985, he worked on Ulster TV’s networked game show Password, as a member of the production team and then two years later, became a guest booker on the long-running chat show Kelly.

By 1992, he began providing voiceovers for UTV, as the station began to re-voice programme trailers produced by ITV network companies, and later, the Network Promotions Unit, to remove references to ITV and replace them with mentions of UTV. Henderson still regularly provides voiceovers for UTV programme trailers, along with the team of continuity announcers based at UTV’s studios at Havelock House.

In addition to providing trailer voiceovers, his voice was heard in the introduction of UTV-produced series Kelly and All Mixed Up. He has also pre-recorded “start-up” announcements over a station ident, transmitted each morning at 9:25 am. He has also voiced many television and radio adverts, television programmes and corporate videos.

A five-year spell in BBC Northern Ireland television between 2000 and 2005 involved Henderson working as a celebrity booker for programmes such as the annual Children in Need opt-outs for Northern Ireland, Making a Difference, The Hot Press Rock Awards and many other light entertainment programmes. He was also the in-vision announcer and straight man on the networked comedy chat show Patrick Kielty… Almost Live, and appeared in another networked BBC Northern Ireland co-production, Just For Laughs.

In November 2005, Hendi returned to a regular weekly radio slot as he formed part of the original U105 presenter line-up. He presents Hendi’s Happy Weekend between 10 am and 2 pm on Saturdays. Hendi parted company with U 105 a few years ago.

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